Sunday, August 19, 2012

App Review: Run In Crowd

Run In Crowd (0.00)

Run In CrowdThis is the inaugural app review for devoted skeptic and it happens to be a cute little game with very simple design and controls.

You play the part of a large one eyed cube, prancing through a grey dystopian environment sparsely populated by trees and, apparently lethal crates filled with evil.
Online Play
Multiplayer Running

The crowd part comes in whilst connected to a data network random users join you on the run.  Controls are very simple and consist of  tapping to jump and then tapping again midair to double-jump. 

Offline Play
Solo Offline Run
If you happen to live in, or commute through a signal No Man's land as this reviewer does, you will find that you are still able to play in single user mode, which is a little less than running in a crowd and more like a bit of running by yourself.

A few settings
Settings are extremely spartan, but really for a very simple game it stands to reason that they would be.  The only option I can think of that would be nice to add would be the option to play offline even with a signal.

The customize screen allows you to support the developers by buying an outfit for your running cube and although 99 cents may seem high for a such an addition to your cubed avatar, the game itself is probably worth 99 cents and you got it for free and it is ad free.

It is a very simple game and it is not one that I would expect most users will spend more than a few minutes at a time on, which makes it perfect for a few rounds while on the bus or commuting on the subway but probably not for a marathon gaming session.  Tested on both a phone form factor and a 8" tablet and the screen responded and looked good on both.  I did not have a chance to test this on my iphone however I would expect similar results.

Overall - For an ad free app that is fun for a few minutes at a time it seems to be suited perfectly for what it is meant to be.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars because although it is fun and a great little app I was not blown away, however it will probably remain on my devices much longer than the average app I have tried and then discarded!


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