Tuesday, August 21, 2012

App Review: Pix'N Love Rush

Pix'N Love Rush (.99-1.99)

Google Play (1.99) - Apple App Store (.99)

Ads :(
UntitledPix'N Love is surprisingly fun to play, that is after muting the harsh music.   When first loading the app you are presented with a screen that markets other Apps.  This would be understandable if it were a free app but for 99 cents on Apple's store and a little better than twice that on the Google Play store I would not expect to be advertised to.  

This was a bit of a turn off but once I continued on to the game I found that this one game is actually 4 games packed under one title.  

There is the Classical Rush, Cursed Rush, Rainbow Rush and On-Off Rush.  All have slightly different game play from Classical which includes directional arrows, jumping and shooting to On-Off rush where you simply tap the screen to jump. 

ON/OFF game
 Your character jumps around avoiding bad things and collecting good things, it is basic and fun.  Another one of those casual games that are fun to play and easy to control.
Custom Controls

Control. If however you don't like where the controls are placed you do have the option to move the controls to custom locations which could be handy.

The game looked great on both my phone as well as my 8" tablet.

Overall, the game is fun, there are options to keep you from getting bored on the first play through and it looks good on multiple aspect ratios.  There doesn't seem to be much as far as online support other than score keeping but pvp wouldn't fit well in this format.

The only negatives I saw were the music which to me was too grating and not enjoyable and the ads at the opening screen for a paid app.

4 stars from the devoted skeptic.


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