Monday, August 20, 2012

App Review: Galaxy Ninjas!

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Opening Screen
Galaxy Ninjas!  What to say about it.  Well other than many apps with similar game play and similar controls. It is at least pretty to look at.  

Game Play
You are a Galaxy Ninja which is not fully explained, I suppose I am a galaxy writer because I happen to live on the Earth in the Solar System within the Milky Way Galaxy and I write things...but I digress.  The mission you are presented with is to jump to the top of the screen with no apparent regard for gravity to avoid evil death spinning things or fire things as well as monsters that you can shoot with a variety of weapons that can be purchased in the Dojo at the opening screen.  Upgraded weapons do not appear to make your character more powerful they just look a bit different.  The scrolls however do allow you to score more points and also change the animations but other than this there is no real advantage to them either. 

There is also a leveling system that makes almost no sense because the player is not informed as to how far along in a level they or what moves you further along on the level, points or distance. Yet levels are breakpoints at which you can purchase new weapons or scrolls.
Galaxy Ninja Tablet boss
Oh No a Boss!!!

Additionally you can earn the Endless mode or the Insane mode with in game points.

Occasionally there are Bosses that will appear and depending on the boss there are different tactics for defeating or avoiding them.  The boss pictured is bugged in that if you are playing endless mode and you stay either on the top or bottom of the screen you can run endlessly racking up points and the boss cannot hit you and no other obstacles will appear.
Galaxy Ninja Tablet Menu
Cropped Tablet Display
Other than the mediocre game play this game is not formatted properly for play on an 8" tablet display.  As you can see on the select mode screen both the Classic and Insane buttons are partially cropped.  And if you look at he boss screen the pause button is partially obscured.

Overall game play is common and uninspired, the leveling system is silly and unexplained, It is not properly formatted for tablet screens (at least not my tablet) and it is repetitive.  However it is free.


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