Monday, August 27, 2012

App Review: MortPlayer

MortPlayer Audio Books (free)

Google Play - Apple App Store unavailable

MortPlayer Audio Books is basically an MP3 player, except this MP3 player is specifically designed for playing audio books.  
The folder system can be a bit a bit difficult to navigate however once you have either opened the file directly or opened the folder containing all of the audio book files you want to listen to you are ready to enjoy this app.

For me the most important feature is that MortPlayer tracks your position in an audio file, and also lets you bookmark a position in that audio file.  I have on several occasions listened to an audio file that was quite large, in some cases the entire book was one file so if I were to lose your place, I would spend several minutes fighting with the progress bar in the player getting back to where I had left off.  This has always been an issue with traditional MP3 players  as long as I've listened to audio books on them. On occasion, being grasped with the need to listen to a particular song,  I would play the song only to find I'd lost my place in the book I was listening to.

Most MP3 players are designed to play music and normally music files are not more than a few minutes long and if you enjoy the music you generally do not mind listening to the intro again.  Often I would install Winamp and use that for listening to music on my Android phone and then use the simple, nearly feature-free built in music player to listen to my audio books.  This way, as long as the music player remains in the system's memory, I can pause the book and listen to music in winamp then return to the paused book in the music player.  

With MortPlayer I still have to use two different players, however I do not have to worry about keeping track of where I was in the audio book and if I reboot my phone MortPlayer will continue where I left off.  This is just one small feature among the myriad of available features.  You get cover art, lock screen controls, a sleep timer and so on.
Without unlocking you can bring up the lock screen and tap to pause or tap again to play.  There is an EQ, there is an alarm clock.

There are many, many, useful features but yet the developer did not lose sight of the end goal of making a great audio book player.

Lock Screen Menu

All in all I highly recommend this application.  It performs well in the way that it should and the features are incredible.  There are some minor issues with browsing folders and navigating but over all this is an app to have and one I feel fully confident in recommending.  I you listen to audio books, try this app, you will like it.

5 out of 5 stars!



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