Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bill Nye My Hero Guy

Bill Nye my hero Guy

On August the 23rd Bill Nye released a video on Big Think's youtube channel giving an impassioned plea to parents that they teach their children about evolution.  The video soon went viral and has, as of press time, reached 3.3 Million views.

During the video he admonishes parents to go ahead and believe in creationism if they wish, but do not teach this to their kids.  Because we need kids who are able to think and make decisions based on facts.  

It has been widely reported that Bill had called out Todd Akin for blaming Bill's pro-evolution video for causing hurricane Issac.  This was a false story distributed by a parody news agency but it is getting a lot of press, even from reputable news sources.

Bill Nye, ever the gentleman, did not utter the statement reported.  Akin apparently believes that women have smaller brains...or at least brains that can shut down during a sexual assault, and is therefore a moron, (my opinion, not an actual determination by a psychologist). Bill did not publicly address Akin's inability to string together rational thoughts, but mainstream media has enjoyed pointing out his gaffe. 

Bill Nye, a champion for science, is a great ambassador for science and I support his efforts and hope that in the future he will continue releasing videos that advocate scientific pursuits, such as curiosity, the LHC, Kepler and so on.

Keep it up Bill!



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