Sunday, August 26, 2012

App Review: Jewel Twist

Jewel Twist (.99)

Google Play (.99) - Apple App Store (.99)

Jewel Twist Is very similar to several other games that are superior in quality and free (albeit you do have to view ads) Jewel Star, Jewels Delux, etc.  
Opening Screen

I downloaded this app from the Amazon app store as one of their free "app of the day" app, had I used the play store I would have already asked for a refund and happily uninstalled this game.

The game play isn't awful, it is not too bad actually, but again there are higher quality games that have the same sort of game play and better graphics and are a bit more fun (and as i mentioned earlier are FREE!)

Level Selection
There are no real instructions but it becomes apparent quickly that this is a "Match 3" sort of game and you are trying to eliminated specially marked cells. Once you have done this you move on to the next level...fairly simple and straight forward.

Game Play

The menu options are spartan but as with many of these sorts of games there would not really be that many additional options especially with only one sort of game play.

There are no other modes  such as a timed game, or puzzle mode, and there is no online scoring system to compare yourself to others playing.  These are not necessarily negatives if the game were free, but again when paying for a game I would expect the additional features and options to set it apart.

Jewel Twist did display and operate properly on my 8" tablet which is a plus.  

Overall, the game is a basic match 3 game that is not better than free games available in the various markets.  It does display well on multiple screen sizes and there are no apparent bugs.  My suggestion to the developer make it free and add advertising.

2 stars because it isn't horrible or bad but it is probably  at least ugly with any sort of price tag.



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