Wednesday, September 12, 2012

App Review: Battery

Battery HD by (free)

Google Play - Apple App Store unavailable

The Battery HD application by is a great battery app for your android device.

Main Screen
One of the firs things I began noticing when I first began using my android phone was that the battery indicator seemed to go from full, to half, and then to empty, and it was difficult to know how much time I might actually be able to use my phone. 

 I had tried several battery apps over time, as I am sure many of you, dear readers, have as well.  What I noticed most about this application is that i am still using it on my phone approximately 6 months after first installing it.  That is in and of itself a good reason to endorse the application, however there are several very interesting features this app offers.
One of the info Screens

The first Feature i would like to mention is the information screen.  pull down the status bar and click on the running application you are presented with a visual depiction of your battery, and this is very similar to most of the other apps available out on the app store.  The difference I noticed here (and there may be other apps out there that do this i've jsut settled on this one) is that you are able to glean a great amount of information from the various screens.

If you swipe to right to left you can see how long it would take to charge your battery both on AC and via USB.  you can see how long you would be able to use a flashlight app, how long you might be able to talk, how long you will be able to use WIFI, and so on.

Discharge Graph
There is a discharge graph that you can also display that will show the speed at which your battery discharges over time.

There are several options that can be configured and although I had installed the free version it appears as if all of the options that are most useful are available and configurable.  In fact the only thing that reveals that this is a free vs paid app is the advertisements that appear. 

The ads are neither intrusive nor annoying and other than wanting to give some money to the developer, (which isn't a bad idea) it isn't necessary to purchase the full app.

One of the more useful features of the app is a numerical battery percentage that is shown at the upper-left hand side of the status bar (86 in the instance of my phone at the time I took the screen shot).

Available Options
Overall this is a great application and has many useful features and options.  It certainly fulfilled my needs in a battery application for my android phone.  I recommend this application.  I give it 4 out of 5 stars because although it is a great app there are a lot of other battery apps available that are similar and it isn't a "game changer" sort of app.  But again it is excellent at what it does.  


Charging Screen


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